Heart surgery for Dummies

In this workshop you will learn how to bluff every profession. I will teach you the jargon of the mail sorter, the instruments of a surgeon or the technique of a sniper. All this will no longer be a secret for you.

In this workshop we focus on the language, the moves and the attitude of at least 10 different professions. Very useful for on stage! 

An additional advantage: you will improve you firm conviction while improvising and how to smoothly combine moving and acting.

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb of students

In Heart Surgery for Dummies, Laura teaches more than space objects, she shows how emotions and characters can affect/be affected by the work. Her style of teaching is smart, patient, thorough, and fun; and she has you play at the top of your intelligence.

Barbara Scott

Company member, BATS Improv (San Francisco - USA)