Improv for Kids

To improvise for an audience of kids it requires that you understand who you are playing for. Young kids are the most honest spectators. That is why you as an improviser can learn so much about your improv, your style and your ‘tricks’ when performing for them.

In this workshop I will encourage you to feel like a kid again, to truthfully PLAY: the kind of play with your tongue out of your mouth. And from there learn all there is to playing sparkling characters, clear stories and beautiful fairy tales.

From my experience as a performer and a teacher with and for kids, I can also teach many games and short forms that work with young audiences. Working on a longform and/or inviting children in the training are all possible. And a fun way of learning!

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb of students

Laura’s positivity and enthusiasm is very infectious and creates an atmosphere where all participants can play freely. I highly recommend her!

Mascha Chang

Retteketet - improv for kids (The Netherlands)