From first Contact to good Content

This workshop is addressed to applied improv trainers.

Being a trainer in applied improv can sometimes feel like having to navigate between different worlds: corporate clients unaware of the possibilities of applied improv and improvisers ignorant of the corporate environment.

Based on seven years of production, administration and public relations in the company he created, Gael Doorneweerd-Perry will lead you through the whole process of establishing the structure of an assignment. From the first contact with a prospect to the realization of a high-quality prestation, you will explore different practical cases and exercises. You will learn to analyze what your client needs are, keeping in mind what your needs are, and how to structure your offer to create a collaboration that gives the higher level of satisfaction to both your client and you.

Learn how to create the work you wish your clients would ask you!

Practical requirements

Pens and paper.

Possible durations
  • 3h – Bases and examples of how to connect more corporate environment and your own craft.
  • 6h – Practical exercises and situations to transform a contact into a happy client while staying happy.
Number of participants
  • All durations – Maximum 12 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • All durations – Intermediate/Advanced improvisers, that are Beginners/Intermediate trainers OR Intermediate/Advanced improv producer

Our national congress of the 40th days of Hospital Hygiene have been a real success for all the participants and the organisation, and stuck in everyone’s mind thanks to the content you create and the work you did with us.

Noëlle Harter

Hospitals and Universities of Strasbourg (Strasbourg - France)