The Character Playground (online)

How many different characters do you usually play? Do you find it difficult improvising a big character?

Would you instead like to play a character very different from yourself? And have range of characters in your back pocket?

In this online workshop Laura will guide you through fun, active exercises to find new characters and play scenes. But you will also learn how to translate this to the improv stage.

You will walk away with a bunch of new characters, a technique to avoid stereotypes and your ideal question to ask for a character suggestion.

See you (and many of your characters) online!

Practical requirements

The workshop is taught over Zoom. Participants are recommended to use a computer/laptop and a (headset) microphone.

Possible durations
  • 1h – Variety of exercises to find characters
  • 2h – Exercises + technique + developing ideal suggestion question
  • 3 x 2h –  A mini-course with plenty time for personal feedback
Number of participants
  • Minimum 4 participants
  • Maximum 12 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • Recommended for Intermediate
  • Easily adaptable for beginners

Every improv performance is different but at some point you realize you either play yourself or a very limited set of characters. I found this workshop very useful, especially the exercises that help enlarge this set with new personas + develop and transform the old ones. I’m pretty sure that afterwards my granny/firefighter will be different from how I’ve played them before.

Svetlana Shibenk

Workshop Participant, Moscow Improv Club

In spite of the fact that Zoom is a very new medium for improv teachers, The Character Playground was very engaging and interactive. Laura had prepared for the online format greatly providing a presentation and excellent knowledge of the platform. The workshop went very smoothly and all the students got a lot of insights and were very happy about it. Totally recommend!

Dina Mild

CEO, Moscow Improv Club