Improvising Miyazaki: Where stories are born

This workshop is an online workshop taught over Zoom.

Where does a story come from? When does it start? How are we sucked in with the characters to follow the story?

The movies of the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki are fascinating and completely immersive, and yet very often the character does mostly mundane activities and actions. This workshop will explore the birth of a story, its starting point and the spark that lit the fire of the audience’s imagination. Through visual character building and techniques used in the movies of the master, you will learn to not worry much about the story in order to end up telling better tales.

Let go of the pressure to be a brilliant storyteller, the story is already happening!

Practical requirements

Every participant should have a way to connect to Zoom.

Possible durations
  • 2h – Initiating a story.
  • 4h – Exploration of storytelling through visual starters.
  • 5 to 6h – Deeper work around creating stories using Kaleidoscopal Narration basics.
Number of participants
  • 2h – Maximum 12 participants.
  • 4 to 6h – Maximum 15 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • 2h – All level.
  • 4 to 6h – Intermediate/Advanced.

I loved how the theme of Miyazaki’s movies was interwoven with the techniques we tried. I could feel the passion Gael had for the project and it is infectious. I. want. more!

Charles Connor

Die Affirmative (Mainz - Germany)