Sin City

A dark alley, a rainy night, a smokey car and a lonely inspector will bring us to the adventures of this town, where every corner hosts a fight, a chase or a crime.

Under the direction and narration of Gael, this show puts on stage the skills and scenework practiced during the workshop Action Mime, giving the audience a delightful patchwork of stories full of chases, fights and other crazy scenes that we are used to see in James Bond, Mission Impossible or other action movies.

The direction can end into a show of 45mn with Gael as narrator. A musician or sound improviser is needed for that show.

Director: Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Approx. duration (mn)

Max. nb of players


Sin City - Tampere

Picture from the show performed by the ensemble in Tampere (Finland) in September 2019.

The show I saved the highest amount of people, thanks to Gael’s advices to fight!

Tom Cruise

Hollywood (USA)

Wow this show was awesome! I kicked some serious a** and could jump around the stage like a master!

Jackie Chan

Kung-Fu Institute (Hong-Kong)

I had this amazing long scene where I could run to escape being chased and I knew exactly how to do it!

Forrest Gump

Booba Gump Inc. (USA)