Silent Play

Who said that we have to tell a story with words? What about silent movies, plays and cartoons? Let the improvisers of Silent Play bring you to their world, with their bodies, their sounds, their faces and a good soundtrack, relax and enjoy the story they are showing you!

A silent show, without a word, inspired by the international success show The Fraltons (FiiF, IMPROAmsterdam, JO!). Based on a strong genre (chosen with the organisers), we will create a full narrative play with music and soundeffects.

The direction can end into a show of 30mn with Gael as sound improviser. The duration of preparation is a minimum of 12h of workshop with an intermediate to advance cast before the showcase.

Director: Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Approx. duration (mn)

Max. nb of players


FiiF 2018 - Tampere

Video from the Finland International Impro Festival in Tampere (Finland), show from the Fraltons (France) as one of the main acts of the festival.

It let me speechless!

Charlie Chaplin

Hollywood (USA)

So proud of my kiddos.

Ma Dalton

Cartoon Network (USA)

Awesome world and space object!

Mime Marceau

Entrepreneur (France)