Object Tales

When the objects come to life, they can feel, they can have a history and live an adventure. Follow the touching stories of these objects and their adventures in Object Tales!

The show is hosted by both Laura and Gael, and will bring you to an old second-hand shop to explore what could be the stories of the old objects in it. Performed by the students, they will play the improbable and exciting stories of objects, from love story between pen and inkpot, to unexpected friendship between a sharp knife and a baguette.

Inspired by the international show Object of Affection performed by Laura and Gael around the world during their Perryweerd Tour, Object Tales gives anybody the opportunity to interpret objects in a thrilling story.

After a workshop of 6h minimum, the showcase will be performed with a local sound improviser (live musician or live tech improviser).

Directors: Laura & Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Approx. duration (mn)

Max. nb of players


JO! 2019 - Torun

Video from the JO! festival 2019 in Torun (Poland), show with Laura and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry in Object of Affection. Performed as main act of the festival.

Object of Affection is a beautiful, sweet, funny, physical show full of heart and laughter created by two absolute masters of their craft.

Kevin Gillese

Artistic Director, Dad's Garage (Atlanta - USA)

This show was incredible!


Astronaut, Toy Story (USA)

I almost fell off myself!

A chair

Furnitures (the World)