Methods of reflecting

This workshop is addressed to applied improv and soft skills trainers with 0-5 years of experience. 

To improve the learning of an applied improv session, reflection is a valuable tool. But there is so much more than only the plenary debrief.

Laura has used many different forms of reflecting in her work in companies and will share a selection of reflection methods with the participants. Some give an in-depth analysis to create new intentions beyond the workshop, others are light-hearted games that make participants leave with a smile.

To quote author Yvonne Woon: “Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.”

Practical requirements

A flipover
Sticky notes

Number of participants
  • 6-12 participants
Level of the workshop
  • Trainers with 0-5 years of experience

Laura is an excellent trainer and teacher who will bring the best of you into the open. She is enthusiastic and skilful so you will be doing things you never did before. She can stimulate a group and have an open eye for individuals at the same time. Her feedback is to the point and helpful. So hire Laura when you want things really get moving…

Frans Vlek

Consultant, NSPOH Utrecht