Double Deep Dive into: Animal Instincts

How is a cockroach on a first date? What is the favorite coffee of a sloth? How is a whale brushing its teeth? This workshop will focus more specifically on animals to pull on stage a fun ensemble show: Animal Instincts.

The work will explore the different tools to interpret animals on stage without feeling restricted in movements, contexts or stories. This workshop inspired by Pixar work will dive into silent scenes, physical work, action, love, and imagination to turn the animal world into living stories!

Take a close look at your dog, cat, crocodile or the wasp on your bread…. After imagining their exciting life, they will never appear the same again.

Practical requirements

A spacious rehearsal room for all the participants to move around.

Possible durations
  • 3h – Introduction to embodying animals.
  • 6h – Exploration of  the physicality and possibility of working on Animal Instincts as a short showcase.
  • 9h to 18h – Deep work around the body and storytelling, with a full-length showcase.
Number of participants
  • 3 to 6h – Maximum 14 participants.
  • 9 to 18h – Maximum 16 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • All durations – Intermediate/Advanced.

The format: Animal Instincts

Do you remember the time… When you believed animals could speak, could feel, could be just like you?

Who didn’t cry seeing the Lion King? Sing with the Aristocats? Hope to be friends with the dog from Up? Directed by Laura and Gael, this show reminds us that as adults, we are just big kids.