(A control freak’s guide to) Playfulness

Playfulness is at the core of improvisation. It makes a good scene wonderful and a bad scene comfortable.

But where does playfulness hide? How do you bring it out in yourself?

As a recovering control freak I can teach you something about how to find that spark. Finding your playfulness is (also) a skill, and I have the tools for you to train that muscle.

Through a series of fun games, probing exercises and reflection on yourselves we will find your ‘play’. As a result: next time you are taking the scene / the show / improv a little too seriously, you can fall back on the tips and tricks of this workshop.

It will take some practice. And some fun, light and die-hard playing.

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb of students

Improv is a blank canvas that we usually limit with unnecessary rules.
This workshop helped me see what lies beyond bending the rules and finding the play in coloring outside the lines.
If you’re looking for a workshop to break out of your rules-loving adult-self, this is the one to take!

Markus Kaustell

Improvisaatioteatteri Neljäs Seinä (Turku - Finland)