Visual skillset for professional improvisers

Workshop with a maximum of 12 professional improvisers.

Is taking a physical workshop sounding like torture to you? Whatever might be the reason for it, physicality doesn’t have to rhyme with ending up sweaty. Using the body is first and foremost showing more and telling less.

This workshop will plunge you in what is still challenging for most professional improvisers around the world: using the body instead of talking. Based on your very advanced verbal skills in topics like storytelling, wittiness, character voices or wordplay, we will work on complementary tools like exploring what your body is able to do, and using more precise object work or non-verbal communication. You will learn how these tools can enhance all the qualities you already have and support your style.

As we all have different abilities with our bodies and many improvisers discover with time that their body is changing, we tend to develop more expertise in listening to words and using verbal skills to serve the scene. My belief is that there are plenty of different ways available to be physically present and playful on stage without requiring the energy and body of a young jumping puppy.

Come with YOUR body and be reminded of the joy to use ALL of yourself when you Just Play!

Practical requirements


Possible durations
  • 3h – Exploration around your own physicality and expression of it.
  • 6 to 12h – Deep work around physicality, visual storytelling and playfulness.
Number of participants
  • All durations – Maximum 12 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • All durations – Professionals.

Testimonial to come.

Joe Bill

Teacher, iO (Chicago, Illinois - USA)