Teaching from the heart

Workshop for teachers or to-become teachers.

Teaching improv is a fine art. Numerous parameters get in the way: who you are, what you want to teach, who are your students and all the things you’ve heard about the good way to teach!

This workshop will focus on finding your own way to transmit your knowledge, to make your workshops or classes a unique experience that feels like a part of you. Through exercises and reflections, you will discover what gives you energy, and learn to organize your thoughts to create a structure of workshop that makes sense from start to end, and that is the best possible vehicle to carry your point in your very own way.

YOU are the secret ingredient of an awesome workshop!

Min. duration

Max. students

Gael is a wonderful teacher. He’s very sensitive and knows how to deliver years of teaching experience in a very efficient way. It’s obvious he loves improv, and sharing it with other trainers. Even when the workshop becomes touchy, he manages to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. I’ll always be grateful for what he taught me.

Paul Berrocal

AVLI (Lausanne - Switzerland)