Sound effects and noisy people

The stories, the emotions, the relations can be created by words. They can also be created without them. But between speaking and keeping the scene silent, isn’t there a world of opportunities?

This is a workshop about supporting your acting using sounds. Realistic sounds, crazy sounds, annoying sounds, but the most important: your own sounds! Through different techniques and exercises, we will work on layering the imaginary world around you with sound effects to make it deeper. We also will explore different ways to use sounds in setting up scenes, edit, diving into the structure of the show, without saying a word!

Unmute your mouth, and let’s be noisy!

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb of students


The format: Noisy Places

Smooth montage show based on soundscapes and sound effects, to tell stories one after the other, and keep being inspired by locations. Performed preferably with a live musician.

Gael Perry changed my relationship with sound and movement. His workshop was without a doubt one of the most impactful, inspiring, and fun workshops I’ve ever attended. I recommend it 873,457,863,974,576%.

Mark Martin

US beatbox Champion 2016, Mark Martin Creative (New-York - USA)