New Avenues To Characters

Do you find it difficult to stay ‘in character’?¬†Would you like to play characters that are not like you? Do you basically play the same 2 or 3 characters every time?

Imagine how it would be to have 10 characters you can easily play. Or more! How it would be to come off stage and feel like you truly knew this character…

In this workshop Laura will show you new ways of finding characters, and will work with you on getting better to stay ‘in’ them.

You will work on your patterns and know how to break them. Through physical and sensory exercises, we will get out of our heads and into a state of curiosity and discovery. Who knew you had that surprising character in you?

But we will also embrace ‘your some old stuff’. You will learn how to love your usual characters, and how to benefit from knowing them so well.

The aim of this workshop is to give you tools for during and after the workshop. This way you can continue expanding your repertoire of characters.

Let’s spark your imagination. Let’s take new and (well-known) paths. Let’s explore new avenues to characters.

Practical requirements

A spacious rehearsal room for all the participants to move around.

Possible durations
  • 3h – Basis of finding characters
  • 6h – Finding & understanding characters
  • 9 to 18h – Deep work around characters, their stories and playing them in a format
Number of participants
  • 3h – Maximum 12 participants.
  • 6h – Maximum 14 participants.
  • 9 to 18h – Maximum 16 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • Beginners/Intermediate
  • Also very suitable for advanced players who want to expand their range