Musical Puzzle

Nothing is more beautiful than a show that can give us a full range of emotions, and not only stop at laughter. Music is the best tool we have to create emotions that will be enhanced by the actor. What about a trip in different stories, linked by a red thread to transport you from character to character? Smooth, soft, crazy, fast, strong, funny, and more.

Musical Puzzle is a freeform show, inspired by music and based on interacting with all the musical offers. It consists in a montage of scenes with a strong work on organic edits and collective scenework.

The showcase can be performed in slots of 45mn with Gael as sound improviser. The ideal duration of preparation is 12h to 24h of workshop to develop the techniques in music and freeform.

Director: Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Approx. duration (mn)

Max. nb of players


Just Play - Barcelona

Video from the Barcelona Impro Group – International Festival 2018 in Barcelona (Spain), show Just Play, headlining the festival. Performed by la Carpe Haute.

The group has infectious energy and they take incredibly creative risks that pay off each time. The show is fluid, fun and I recommend you see yourself!

Stacey Smith

Teacher, iO (Chicago - USA)

The use of music in the performance was such a clever tool not only to just shut up – which is already most valuable -, but above all to go deep and dig out the true feeling of the character.

Paul Simon

Independant (Brussels - Belgium)

Why do I like playing Musical Puzzle? The music, which is to be seen as an additional character, helps you either to get deeper in one scene or to explore new ways.

Boris Régin

Student, La Carpe Haute (Strasbourg - France)