Miyazaki’s Kingdom: an improvised Miyazaki

The human world can be a dark place. Can also be simple and uplifting. In fact, nothing is ever black or white. We go through everyday life looking for moments of magic. What if we switch it, and look for everyday moments in a magical world?

This workshop is about bringing you to a place where nothing is normal. Where everything is normal. Where the weirdest and most magical creature can just be a girl, and where the spirit of the forest can just be a boy. A story where magic is real and reality is magic. This poetic, sensitive and place of emotions place is Japanese director Miyazaki’s kingdom.We’ll learn how to build Miyazaki’s stories with heroes who care: about the world, about nature, about the human part of us, about our soul.

The best way to understand what it means to be human, is to not be one.

Practical requirements

A spacious rehearsal room.

Possible durations
  • 3 to 6h – Review of the elements ruling Miyazaki’s work and worlds, and exploration of their adaptation in your scene work.
  • 9 to 15h – Exploration of the different characteristics of Miyazaki’s movies and their adaptation to the stage in order to create a longform show in that universe.
  • 25 to 50h – Full-length intensive on the genre and format to end by a performance at the end of each week.
Number of participants
  • 3 to 6h – Maximum 12 participants.
  • 9h to intensive – Maximum 15 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • 3 to 6h – Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced.
  • 9 to 50h – Advanced/Professional.

The format: Miyazaki's Kingdom

The original format created for that workshop and put on music by Gael as a sound improviser. A new way to get inspired, a new way to perform impro and a beautiful atmosphere in the style of the Japanese director.

I found Gael to be an engaging teacher who approached the work of Miyazaki in a way which made it accessible to all – those who had a deep understanding and those who knew nothing or very little. I felt the way that Gael layered the work shop was extremely effective. On reflection of the work shop you could see he took great care to build up bit by bit and to get the participants to a place where performing in this style (a nod to Miyazaki) is possible. Gael has a lovely gentle, friendly and approachable demeanour as a teacher.

Amy Moule

Performer, Impro Melbourne (Australia)