Impro Match

The most energetic and thrilling form of impro, the one that brings hundreds of people for every single shows everywhere in the French speaking countries, is now accessible in English. Come and experiment this crazy shot of excitment, competition and challenge!

A show full of energy that will involve two teams competing to please the audience. For every scene set by the referee, the teams will have to perform together or separate their best work, because at the end, the audience members will vote for the team that will get the point! The group that will get the most, that will be lead the best by their coach, that will get the least penalties, and bring with them the audience will be named champions of the night!

The direction can end into a show of 60 to 90mn with Gael as referee. The duration of preparation is a minimum of 6h of workshop with an intermediate to advance cast before the showcase. With an intensive, some students can also be trained as staff members to be part of the show in these positions (referee, master of ceremony, coach, etc.).

Director: Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Approx. duration (mn)

Max. nb of players


Finale 2013 - Strasbourg

Video from the Finale of the Lolita Championship in Strasbourg (France), hymn from the Dancing Lovers as part of the beginning of the match against Badgers 101, in front of 700 persons.