Lionesses: Women in improv

In the wild lionesses are hunters, care for their cubs and have been observed to grow manes. What better image for a workshop where we explore, share and practice the craft of improvised theatre through the lens of being a woman or non-male.

It will be filled with bad-ass character work, practicing boldness and vulnerability and using our body to express and take action.

This workshop always has a high level of support, playfulness and empowerment, which inspires the improv in new ways.

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb of students

The ‘Women in Improv’ workshop was a revelation. In the space of 12 hours, Laura was able to create a safe space in which female improvisors of different ages, countries and backgrounds could band together and overcome or address challenges, which were often shared by almost everyone.

There were so many insights, so many aha moments that emerged from the work we did under Laura’s masterful guidance, that I can wholeheartedly recommend it to any female improvisor who wants to make more empowered choices on and off stage.

Kelly Agathos

ImproBubble (Brussels - Belgium)