Kaleidoscopal narration

“All stories are the same”. Is this true? Aren’t we all geniuses with the power to create true, powerful and new storylines?

This workshop will introduce a new way to see storytelling, more connected to the moment. Instead of using an analyzing tool, we will see storytelling as writing a new path. As improvisers, we want to be always present, in the moment, and stay open to every offer. By working on pictures, connection and focus on the scene itself to not loose a piece of information, kaleidoscopal narration offers an alternative to create richer, more original and exciting stories.

A kaleidoscope stops moving when we stop touching it, a story is the same!

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb of students

Testimonial to come.

Paul Berrocal

Slalom (Lausanne - Swiss)