Ghost of Love

Love scenes are great to see but can be difficult to play. With using your body, you can tell the entire story. 
To touch, to move, to be touched and to be moved.

Show directed by Laura that will expose four parallel love stories to explore the full range and complexity of what love can offer.

The showcase will happen after a 3h workshop minimum to work on the mechanic and the base of the format, with an advanced sound improviser in the booth.

Director: Laura Doorneweerd-Perry

Approx. duration (mn)

Max. nb of players


Show - Amsterdam

Video from the show performed in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), with the cast of the Ferocious Four in 2015.

It was like watching a true action movie… only way funnier!

Alexandre Gilbert

Tag Out (Amsterdam - The Netherlands)

These girls know how to tell an epic superhero story, all while keeping the audience in stitches.

David Dispenza

Independant (The Netherlands)

It’s exciting and funny. Thank you for making the world a safer place!

Nardje Trepels

TVA Impro (Amsterdam - The Netherlands)