Double Deep Dive into: Posture, Positions and other Physical stuff

Do you want to do more moving in your improv? Make better use of the space? And connect with your fellow players to create scenes that matter?

In this workshop Laura & Gael will work with you on body positions and postures. You will explore different ways to use the space on stage. 

How can our body tell the story? We know! By moving, by positioning ourselves in relation to other players, and by bringing our body to different places on the stage.  What does it mean when I say I love you, facing away from you? Which questions arise when all the prisoners are in one corner of the cell? How can we show -not tell- and surprise ourselves in the process?

After this workshop you will have more tools to make beautiful stage pictures and play memorable scenes. Above all, you will have a great deal of fun experimenting, learning and playing with two international improv and theatre experts.

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb students

After going through Posture, Positions, and other Physical Stuff with Laura and Gael I feel much more equipped to tell a complete story on stage without relying on dialogue alone. It is said that 90% of conversation is non-verbal. If that is true this workshop is a must for any actor looking to create, augment, or reframe a character on stage the audience can fully believe and invest in.

Mike Morrison

The Basement Theater (Atlanta, Georgia - USA)