Connected people

How to replace action by reaction? This workshop is about being in the moment, reconnecting with your partner and yourself to find the truth of the moment.

Using exercises influenced by Meisner’s work, you will open your eyes, your senses and your heart to your partner. These exercises will give you clues to a spontaneous way to act.

First, you will empty your head, in order to be in the moment, just there, connected with yourself. Then, you will explore every way to observe details in you and your partner. Finally, you will 100% focus on the other player, understanding his emotion without a word to create a deep and full relation in the scene.

When you forget to think, you have time to listen and love!

Practical requirements

An even number of participants. A quiet room with chairs for everyone.

Possible durations
  • 3h – Bases of the method.
  • 6 to 9h -Meisner exercises into impro scenework.
  • 12h to intensive – Deep development of the connection based on immersive techniques.
Number of participants
  • 3 to 9h – Maximum 12 participants, even number.
  • 12h and more – Maximum 14 participants, even number.
Level of the workshop
  • 3h – Intermediate/Advanced.
  • 6 to 9h – Intermediate/Advanced.
  • 12h and more – Advanced/Professional.

Gael Perry is a treasure. He is a dynamic improviser. He is a joy to watch on stage, especially because of how physically creative he is. He brings so much energy and positivity into his scenework. I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with this human gem.

Stacey Smith

Teacher and performer, iO (Chicago - USA)