A French lesson in physicality

Your body isn’t just a vehicle to go from a place to another. Your mind isn’t just a control tower, slightly connected to your body by your spine. You are entire, so BE entire.

This is a workshop about connecting the mind to the body, to recreate what should never have been separated: you. Using crazy games to create an instinctive reaction right from your body, you will learn to develop your physicality from top to toe, and to be conscious of it.

Once you have forgotten your brain, you will use your body to reconnect and control your mind, create realistic reactions and surprise yourself.

Accept to lose control, your body knows how you feel!

Practical requirements

A spacious rehearsal room for all the participants to move around.

Possible durations
  • 3h – Bases of the method.
  • 6h – Exploration of the method.
  • 9 to 18h – Deep work around the body.
Number of participants
  • 3h – Maximum 12 participants.
  • 6h – Maximum 14 participants.
  • 9 to 18h – Maximum 16 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • 3h – Beginners/Intermediate.
  • 6 to 12h – Intermediate/Advanced.
  • 18h – Advanced/Professional.

Gael’s commitment to teaching improv is evident by the care he takes with his students in the workshop environment. He guides the process with artistry, integrity and sensitivity which is why anyone who works with him walks away praising the process and the content in equal measure. I would hire him to teach my ensemble of improvisers again any day.

Kevin Gillese

Artistic Director, Dad's Garage (Atlanta - USA)