A French lesson in Impro Match

The French speaking improvisation is mostly based on one format that has been created in the seventies: the Match. In France, it brings hundreds to thousands of people to theatres, do you want to experiment the thrill of this competitive and exigent format?

This workshop explores the rules of the impro Match as it is mostly performed in France. Going through the historical rules and structure, bended to the modern version of it, you will learn to discover how this show has influenced the way to perform in an entire community. Between competition, strict rules, impressive staging and audience involvement, you’ll get the adrenaline shot offered by this specific form.

For the best and the worst, will you bring your team to the podium?

Practical requirements


Possible durations
  • 3 to 6h – Discovery of the format, possibility of a show (45mn) after 6h.
  • 12h – Work around the format leading to a show (60mn).
  • Intensive – Deep work with the format leading to a full-length show (90mn). Specific work around the format: possibility to train also the staff (referee, master of ceremony, musical improviser, coach, etc.).
Number of participants
  • 3 to 6h – Maximum 12 participants.
  • 9h and more – Maximum 15 participants.
Level of the workshop
  • 3 to 12h – Intermediate/Advanced.
  • Intensive – Advanced/Professional.

The format: Impro Match

Full blown energy format with competition making two teams fight against each other to win the favors of the audience. Gael will be referee for the show, or assist one of the students to be, in a crazy show to bring the audience in various universes and give the actors a huge dose of adrenaline!