Man is a Wolf to Man

This workshop is addressed to men (cis and trans).

Stop crying like a pussy! You have to be strong! Be a man! Just a few things that are said to young boys. And suddenly as adults we forget how to cry, how to be soft, how to be a man.

This workshop will explore modern masculinity, and create a safe space to experiment and share experiences. We will explore the whole range of emotions, situations and relationships between men. It will take us to a way of improvising: with depth, care and variation.

Let’s build a better world, by being better men.

Minim. duration (in hours)

Max. nb of students

At first, I thought Gael’s workshop is great because it addresses men and improv, a problem I see spoken about a lot, but not much being done about it. While it does this and it does it well, it can be even more beneficial for the improv community because it is the best workshop, I have taken about creating emotional, truthful and vulnerable scenes.

Nick Maas