Laura & Gael

Teachers, improvisers & life couple
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The Perryweerd Tour - A Life project

Laura and Gael are travelling the world together to teach and perform all over the world. They are both experienced teachers, improvisers and trainers, having travelled on their own the last few years.

Just married, they decided to work for a full year from abroad, travelling from place to place for the season 2019-2020. That’s how is born the Perryweerd Tour!

Because of the situation in the world, they have to pause the tour until further notice, and are looking forward to resume.
In the meantime, we are offering some brand new workshops online, check it out here!

The fear of the ‘no’ and professional improv

As improvisers we are told to say yes. There are multiple variations of that taught depending on the school of thought, where you grew up in improv, but it is roughly the same. ‘Say yes’. ‘Say yes and …’ ‘Accept the offers’. We all heard that a lot. It is a great...

Improv and Science – A Teaser

Another featuring text in the blog, this time as part of the writing project of the SIN network—an international improv network I co-created a few years back. The text below is a teaser section from the chapter "Improvisation and the Scientific Method" by Ben...

The type of Community I’d like to create

I’m currently working a whole lot around the genre of the films created by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. I am watching and re-watching his movies, listening to a bunch of podcasts about his oeuvre, watching videos and interviews of him and reading his books. This...

Travel History

Here are some informations updated on the 24/03/2020 about our travels.




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Our travel around the world

You can follow our trip on the application Polarsteps. Here is the map of our trip.